The QuarkNet/grid collaborative learning e-Lab

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The QuarkNet/grid collaborative learning e-Lab
We describe a case study that uses grid computing techniques to support the collaborative learning of high school students investigating cosmic rays. Students gather and upload science data to our e-Lab portal. They explore those data using techniques from the GriPhyN collaboration. These techniques include virtual data transformations, workflows, metadata cataloging and indexing, data product provenance and persistence, as well as job planners. Students use web browsers and a custom interface that extends the GriPhyN Chiron portal to perform all of these tasks. They share results in the form of online posters and ask each other questions in this asynchronous environment. Students can discover and extend the research of other students, modeling the processes of modern large-scale scientific collaborations. Also, the e-Lab portal provides tools for teachers to guide student work throughout an investigation.
Marjorie Bardeen, Eric Gilbert, Thomas Jordan, Pau
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Marjorie Bardeen, Eric Gilbert, Thomas Jordan, Paul Nepywoda, Elizabeth Quigg, Michael Wilde, Yong Zhao
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