Quasisymmetric Schur functions

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Quasisymmetric Schur functions
Abstract. We introduce a new basis for quasisymmetric functions, which arise from a specialization of nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials to standard bases, also known as Demazure atoms. Our new basis is called the basis of quasisymmetric Schur functions, since the basis elements refine Schur functions in a natural way. We derive expansions for quasisymmetric Schur functions in terms of monomial and fundamental quasisymmetric functions, which give rise to quasisymmetric refinements of Kostka numbers and standard (reverse) tableaux. From here we derive a Pieri rule for quasisymmetric Schur functions that naturally refines the Pieri rule for Schur functions. After surveying combinatorial formulas for Macdonald polynomials, including an expansion of Macdonald polynomials into fundamental quasisymmetric functions, we show how some of our results can be extended to include the t parameter from Hall-Littlewood theory. Contents
James Haglund, Kurt W. Luoto, Sarah Mason, Stephan
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Type Journal
Year 2011
Where JCT
Authors James Haglund, Kurt W. Luoto, Sarah Mason, Stephanie van Willigenburg
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