Quick-release Fair Scheduling

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Quick-release Fair Scheduling
In prior work on multiprocessor fairness, efficient techniques with provable properties for reallocating spare processing capacity have been elusive. In this paper, we address this shortcoming by proposing a new notion of multiprocessor fairness, called quick-release fair (QRfair) scheduling, which is a derivative of Pfair scheduling that allows efficient allocation of spare capacity. Under QRfair scheduling, each task is specified by giving both a minimum and a maximum weight (i.e., processor share). The goal is to schedule each task (as the available spare capacity changes) at a rate that is (i) at least that implied by its minimum weight and (ii) at most that implied by its maximum weight. Our contributions are fourfold. First, we present a quick-release variant of the PD2 Pfair scheduling algorithm called PDQ . Second, we formally prove that the allocations of PDQ always satisfy (i) and (ii). Third, we consider the problem of defining maximum weights in a way that encourages a f...
James H. Anderson, Aaron Block, Anand Srinivasan
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where RTSS
Authors James H. Anderson, Aaron Block, Anand Srinivasan
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