Radial basis function-based image segmentation using a receptive field

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Radial basis function-based image segmentation using a receptive field
This paper presents a novel method for CT head image automatic segmentation. The images are obtained from patients having the spontaneous intra cerebral brain hemorrhage ICH. The results of the segmentation are images partitioned into ve regions of interest corresponding to four tissue classes skull, brain, calci cations and ICH  and background. Once the images are segmented it is possible to calculate various hemorrhage region parameters such as its size, position, etc. The segmentation is performed in three major steps. In the rst phase a feature extraction and normalization is performed using a receptive eld RF. Experiments were performed to determine the optimal RF structure. Pixels are classi ed in the second phase using the radial basis function RBF arti cial neural network. Experiments with di erent RBF network topologies were performed in order to determine the optimal basis functions, network size and a training algorithm. The segmentation results obtained using the R...
Domagoj Kovacevic, Sven Loncaric
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where CBMS
Authors Domagoj Kovacevic, Sven Loncaric
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