Randomized k-Coverage Algorithms For Dense Sensor Networks

11 years 23 days ago
Randomized k-Coverage Algorithms For Dense Sensor Networks
— We propose new algorithms to achieve k-coverage in dense sensor networks. In such networks, covering sensor locations approximates covering the whole area. However, it has been shown before that selecting the minimum set of sensors to activate from an already deployed set of sensors is NP-hard. We propose an efficient approximation algorithm which achieves a solution of size within a logarithmic factor of the optimal. We prove that our algorithm is correct and analyze its complexity. We implement our algorithm and compare it against two others in the literature. Our results show that the logarithmic factor is only a worst-case upper bound and the solution size is close to the optimal in most cases. A key feature of our algorithm is that it can be implemented in a distributed manner with local information and low message complexity. We design and implement a fully distributed version of our algorithm. Our distributed algorithm does not require that sensors know their locations. Com...
Mohamed Hefeeda, M. Bagheri
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Mohamed Hefeeda, M. Bagheri
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