Rank Aggregation: Together We're Strong

10 years 11 months ago
Rank Aggregation: Together We're Strong
We consider the problem of finding a ranking of a set of elements that is "closest to" a given set of input rankings of the elements; more precisely, we want to find a permutation that minimizes the Kendall-tau distance to the input rankings, where the Kendall-tau distance is defined as the sum over all input rankings of the number of pairs of elements that are in a different order in the input ranking than in the output ranking. If the input rankings are permutations, this problem is known as the Kemeny rank aggregation problem. This problem arises for example in building meta-search engines for Web search, aggregating viewers' rankings of movies, or giving recommendations to a user based on several different criteria, where we can think of having one ranking of the alternatives for each criterion. Many of the approximation algorithms and heuristics that have been proposed in the literature are either positional, comparison sort or local search algorithms. The rank agg...
Frans Schalekamp, Anke van Zuylen
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Updated 16 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2009
Authors Frans Schalekamp, Anke van Zuylen
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