RAQNet: A Topology-Aware Overlay Network

11 years 7 months ago
RAQNet: A Topology-Aware Overlay Network
Peer-to-peer overlay networks provide a useful infrastructure for building distributed applications. These networks provide efficient and fault-tolerant routing and object locating within a self-organizing overlay network. This paper presents a multi-dimensional overlay network called RAQNet which is based on RAQ1 . RAQ supports exact match queries and range queries over multi-dimensional data efficiently. Moreover, its routing cost does not depend on the dimension of the search space. In RAQNet, we have improved its original routing algorithms and extended it to have topology awareness property. In RAQNet, nodes are connected to each other if their labels are “close” to each other with respect to the topology of its underlying network. A topology match between the overlay and underlying network results in reduced routing delay and network link traffic. In comparison with RAQ, we will describe different node-join algorithms and routing table maintenance in order to provide the top...
Seyed Iman Mirrezaei, Javad Shahparian, Mohammad G
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where AIMS
Authors Seyed Iman Mirrezaei, Javad Shahparian, Mohammad Ghodsi
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