RDFViewS: A Storage Tuning Wizard for RDF Applications

11 years 9 months ago
RDFViewS: A Storage Tuning Wizard for RDF Applications
In recent years, the significant growth of RDF data used in numerous applications has made its efficient and scalable manipulation an important issue. In this paper, we present RDFViewS, a system capable of choosing the most suitable views to materialize, in order to minimize the query response time for a specific SPARQL query workload, while taking into account the view maintenance cost and storage space constraints. Our system employs practical algorithms and heuristics to navigate through the search space of potential view configurations, and exploits the possibly available semantic information - expressed via an RDF Schema - to ensure the completeness of the query evaluation. Categories and Subject Descriptors: H.3.4 Information Storage And Retrieval: Systems and Software; H.2.1 Database Management: Logical Design General Terms: Algorithms, Design, Performance
François Goasdoué, Konstantinos Kara
Added 09 Dec 2010
Updated 09 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where CORR
Authors François Goasdoué, Konstantinos Karanasos, Julien Leblay, Ioana Manolescu
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