RE-AspectLua - Achieving Reuse in AspectLua

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RE-AspectLua - Achieving Reuse in AspectLua
: AspectLua is a Lua-based dynamic aspect-oriented language that follows the original AspectJ concepts. It suffers from the same problem of AspectJ-like languages with regard to limitations in terms of aspect reusability, modularity and heterogeneous interaction. In this paper we propose RE-AspectLua, a new version of AspectLua that combines aspect interfaces tract joinpoints and the use of a connection language, the Lua language, to instantiate, cation composition time, the abstract joinpoints. Thus, the connection language defines the composition of reusable aspects with base code. Using these concepts RE-AspectLua intends to break away from the syntactically manifest coding of aspects in which joinpoints are hard-coded into aspects, thereby promoting general reusability and the heterogeneous composition of an aspect with different base codes. In order to illustrate RE-AspectLua concepts we present two case studies.
Thaís Vasconcelos Batista, Maurício
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Type Journal
Year 2007
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Authors Thaís Vasconcelos Batista, Maurício Vieira
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