Re-thinking Enrolment in Identity Card Schemes

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Re-thinking Enrolment in Identity Card Schemes
Many countries around the world have initiated national ID card programs in the last decade. These programs are considered of strategic value to governments due to its contribution in enhancing existing identity management systems. Considering the total cost of such programs which goes up to billions of dollars, the success in attaining their objectives is a crucial element in the agendas of political systems in countries worldwide. Our experience in the field shows that many of such projects have been challenged to deliver their primary objectives of population enrolment, and therefore resulted in failing to meet deadlines and keeping up with budgetary constraints. The purpose of this paper is to explain the finding of a case study action research aimed to introduce a new approach to how population are enrolled in national ID programs. This is achieved through presenting a case study of a business process reengineering initiative undertaken in the UAE national ID program. The scope o...
Ali M. Al-Khouri
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Year 2011
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