Re-Usable Tools for Precision Machine Translation

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Re-Usable Tools for Precision Machine Translation
The LOGON MT demonstrator assembles independently valuable general-purpose NLP components into a machine translation pipeline that capitalizes on output quality. The demonstrator embodies an interesting combination of hand-built, symbolic resources and stochastic processes. 1 Background The LOGON projects aims at building an experimental machine translation system from Norwegian to English of texts in the domain of hiking in the wilderness (Oepen et al., 2004). It is funded within the Norwegian Research Council program for building national infrastructure for language technology (Fenstad et al., 2006). It is the goal for the program as well as for the project to include various areas of language technology as well as various methods, in particular symbolic and empirical methods. Besides, the project aims at reusing available resources and, in turn, producing re-usable technology. In spite of significant progress in statistical approaches to machine translation, we doubt the long-term ...
Jan Tore Lønning, Stephan Oepen
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ACL
Authors Jan Tore Lønning, Stephan Oepen
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