Reachability Analysis of Process Rewrite Systems

10 years 11 months ago
Reachability Analysis of Process Rewrite Systems
We define a new model called O-PRS that extends the Process Rewrite Systems formalism with a new associative operator, “ ”, that allows to model parallel composition while keeping the order between parallel processes. Indeed, sometimes, it is important to remember the order between the parallel processes. The reachability problem of O-PRS being undecidable, we develop tree automata techniques allowing to build polynomial finite representations of (1) the exact reachable configurations in O-PRS modulo various equivalences that omit the associativity of “ ”, and (2) underapproximations of the reachable configurations if the associativity of “ ” is considered. We show that these underapproximations are exact if the number of communications between ordered parallel processes is bounded. We implemented our algorithms in a tool that was used for the analysis of a concurrent lexer server. Key words: Multithreaded programs with procedure calls, synchronisation, process algebra...
Ahmed Bouajjani, Tayssir Touili
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Ahmed Bouajjani, Tayssir Touili
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