Reactive Tabu Search for Measuring Graph Similarity

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Reactive Tabu Search for Measuring Graph Similarity
Abstract. Graph matching is often used for image recognition. Different kinds of graph matchings have been proposed such as (sub)graph isomorphism or error-tolerant graph matching, giving rise to different graph similarity measures. A first goal of this paper is to show that these different measures can be viewed as special cases of a generic similarity measure introduced in [8]. This generic similarity measure is based on a non-bijective graph matching (like [4] and [2]) so that it is well suited to image recognition. In particular, over/under-segmentation problems can be handled by linking one vertex to a set of vertices. In a second part, we address the problem of computing this measure and we describe two algorithms: a greedy algorithm, that quickly computes sub-optimal solutions, and a reactive Tabu search algorithm, that may improve these solutions. Some experimental results are given.
Sébastien Sorlin, Christine Solnon
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Sébastien Sorlin, Christine Solnon
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