Real Representations

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Real Representations
This paper introduces two new representations for real-parameter spaces--the Dedekind and Isodedekind representations. Point mutation and uniform crossover--in their generalised, representation-independent form--are shown, when instantiated with respect to these representations, to give rise to familiar operators for continuous domains, such as gaussian mutation, blend crossover and line recombination. Both the Dedekind and Isodedekind representations are highly non-orthogonal(admitting many illegal chromosomes), but, as is demonstrated, this causes no practical or theoretical problems. Moreover, these novel representations are shown to have sensible behaviouras the continuouslimit is taken, while both "traditional" binary coding and Gray coding are shown to have pathological behaviour.
Patrick D. Surry, Nicholas J. Radcliffe
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Where FOGA
Authors Patrick D. Surry, Nicholas J. Radcliffe
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