Real-time 3D Finger Pointing for an Augmented Desk

10 years 5 months ago
Real-time 3D Finger Pointing for an Augmented Desk
The augmented desk is gaining popularity in recent HCI research. Its layout of a large horizontal screen on the desk enhances immersive and intense collaborative experiences. A responsive and unimpeded input interface is important for an efficient interaction in such an environment. In this paper, we developed a real-time stereo vision-based finger pointing interface for our augmented desk that supports drag-and-drop operation by the tap-and-move of the index finger. The core of our system is a 3D fingertip tracking system, which requires both careful calibration and efficient fingertip localization algorithm. To meet these requirements, we have designed a two-step calibration method that strikes a good balance between accuracy and convenience. Furthermore, based on the chain code representation of the contour, we propose the direction cancellation vector as a tool for fingertip localization. Our algorithm works efficiently with a time complexity of )(nO in term of the length of the c...
Le Song, Masahiro Takatsuka
Added 24 Jun 2010
Updated 24 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where AUIC
Authors Le Song, Masahiro Takatsuka
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