Real-time multiple video player systems

10 years 3 months ago
Real-time multiple video player systems
In previous years, various real-time scheduling techniques have been proposed to improve the performance of a distributed multimedia system. However, not much work has been done on how a client player can play multiple videos concurrently. In this paper, we have designed a distributed multimedia system where a client player can play different videos at the same time. We introduce two mechanisms: priority assignment mechanism and feedback capture video mechanism for the system. The issues on how to implement the mechanisms in Windows NT are discussed. Experiments are conducted to investigate the performance of the proposed mechanism in Windows NT to study the most optimum configuration factors. We also define the monitoring factor and priority group mapping difference, and study how they affect the overall system performance. From the results, we find that the mechanisms can effectively improve the system performance in terms of percentage of displayed frames.
Chris C. H. Ngan, Kam-yiu Lam
Added 01 Aug 2010
Updated 01 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Chris C. H. Ngan, Kam-yiu Lam
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