Real-time pencil rendering

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Real-time pencil rendering
ROJECTPROJECT ABSTRACTABSTRACTABSTRACT After achieving real-time photorealistic rendering, the computer graphics community is beginning to turn its attention to non-photorealistic rendering styles like oil painting, ink illustrations and pencil drawing. Although techniques have been developed for pencil style non-photorealistic rendering, they are either limited by their speed or are not suitable for exhibiting inherent characteristics unique to pencil drawings. In this project, our goal is to implement a real-time, interactive application for rendering 3D models in the pencil drawing style that allows a user to create a believable pencil drawing style sketch by loading a 3D model and specifying parameters like materials, shapes and strokes. In a two-step process, we incorporate characteristics of pencil drawing into the rendering process to achieve realistic and natural effects. By taking advantage of state-of-art GPU technology, we achieve real-time rendering performance for even a c...
Hyunjun Lee, Sungtae Kwon, Seungyong Lee
Added 14 Jun 2010
Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where NPAR
Authors Hyunjun Lee, Sungtae Kwon, Seungyong Lee
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