The Real-Time Process Algebra (RTPA)

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The Real-Time Process Algebra (RTPA)
Abstract. The real-time process algebra (RTPA) is a set of new mathematical notations for formally describing system architectures, and static and dynamic behaviors. It is recognized that the specification of software behaviors is a three-dimensional problem known as: (i) mathematical operations, (ii) event/process timing, and (iii) memory manipulations. Conventional formal methods in software engineering were designed to describe the 1-D (type (i)) or 2-D (types (i) and (iii)) static behaviors of software systems via logic, set and type theories. However, they are inadequate to address the 3-D problems in real-time systems. A new notation system that is capable to describe and specify the 3-D real-time behaviors, the real-time process algebra (RTPA), is developed in this paper to meet the fundamental requirements in software engineering. RTPA is designed as a coherent software engineering notation system and a formal engineering method for addressing the 3-D problems in software syste...
Yingxu Wang
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Year 2002
Authors Yingxu Wang
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