Real-Time Rendering of Real World Environments

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Real-Time Rendering of Real World Environments
: One of the most important goals of interactive computer graphics is to allow a user to freely walk around a virtual recreation of a real environment that looks as real as the world around us. But hand-modeling such a virtual environment is inherently limited and acquiring the scene model using devices also presents challenges. Interactively rendering such a detailed model is beyond the limits of current graphics hardware, but image-based approaches can significantly improve the status quo. We present an end-to-end system for acquiring highly detailed scans of large real world spaces, consisting of forty to eighty million range and color samples, using a digital camera and laser rangefinder. We explain successful techniques to represent these large data sets as image-based models and present contributions to image-based rendering that allow these models to be rendered in real time on existing graphics hardware without sacrificing the high resolution at which the data sets were acquire...
David K. McAllister, Lars S. Nyland, Voicu Popescu
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where RT
Authors David K. McAllister, Lars S. Nyland, Voicu Popescu, Anselmo Lastra, Chris McCue
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