Recent developments in visual sign language recognition

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Recent developments in visual sign language recognition
Abstract Research in the field of sign language recognition has made significant advances in recent years. The present achievements provide the basis for future applications with the objective of supporting the integration of deaf people into the hearing society. Translation systems, for example, could facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people in public situations. Further applications, such as user interfaces and automatic indexing of signed videos, become feasible. The current state in sign language recognition is roughly 30 years behind speech recognition, which corresponds to the gradual transition from isolated to continuous recognition for small vocabulary tasks. Research efforts were mainly focused on robust feature extraction or statistical modeling of signs. However, current recognition systems are still designed for signer-dependent operation under laboratory conditions. This paper describes a comprehensive concept for robust visual sign language recognition, w...
Ulrich von Agris, Jörg Zieren, Ulrich Canzler
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Updated 16 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where UAIS
Authors Ulrich von Agris, Jörg Zieren, Ulrich Canzler, Britta Bauer, Karl-Friedrich Kraiss
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