Recognition and Tracking of the Members of a Moving Human Body

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Recognition and Tracking of the Members of a Moving Human Body
We present a method to solve the human silhouette tracking problem using 18 major human points. We used: a simple 2D model for the human silhouette, a linear prediction technique for initializing major points search, geometry anthropometric constraints for determining the search area and color measures for matching human body parts. In addition, we propose a method to solve the problem of human members recognition and 18 major human points detection using silhouette. This result can be used to initialize a human tracking algorithm for real time applications. Our main purpose is to develop a low computation cost algorithm, which can be used independently of camera motion. The output of the tracking algorithm is the position of 18 major human points and a 2D human body extraction. In cases of low quality imaging conditions or low background contrast, the result may be worst. For these cases we defined an appropriate criterion concerning tracking ability.
Costas Panagiotakis, Georgios Tziritas
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Updated 30 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where AMDO
Authors Costas Panagiotakis, Georgios Tziritas
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