Recognizing Credible Experts in Inaccurate Databases

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Recognizing Credible Experts in Inaccurate Databases
Abstract: While the problem of incompletedata in databases has been extensively studied, a relatively unexplored form of uncertainty in databases, called inaccurate data, demands due attention. Inaccuratedata results when data are contributed by various information agents with associated credibility. Though the data itself is total or complete, the reliability of the data now depends on the agents' credibility. Severalissues of this form of data reliabilityhas been reported recentlywhere the credibilityof agentswere assumedto be known, static and uniform throughout the database. In this paper we address the issue of credibility maintenance of information agents and take the view that the agent credibility is dynamic and is a function of the database knowledge, the agent's performance relative to other agents, and the agent's expertise. We present a methodto identifyagents' eld of expertise(calledthe contexts) and use agents' context dependent credibility to cal...
Hasan M. Jamil, Fereidoon Sadri
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Authors Hasan M. Jamil, Fereidoon Sadri
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