Reconstruction of 3D Solid Models Using Fuzzy Logic Recognition

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Reconstruction of 3D Solid Models Using Fuzzy Logic Recognition
—This paper presents an application of fuzzy logic theory to the reconstruction of solid models from engineering drawings. In engineering drawing, two-dimensional (2D) orthographic projections represent an object ambiguously, it requires a numerous amount of combinatorial searches in the process of reconstruction of three-dimensional (3D) drawing. This paper proposes an algorithm which applies fuzzy logic to identify the category of the object in order to implement the further operations. Once an object has been classified to be either rotational or prismatic the major operation of either revolve or extrude will be executed correspondingly to generate the 3D solid model. Compared with earlier approaches, the present method focuses on ambiguous issues which improve the efficiency of the reconstruction process. A program has been compiled to implement the present algorithm which has proved to be very practicable.
Zhe Wang, Mohammed Latif
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WCE
Authors Zhe Wang, Mohammed Latif
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