Recovering Internet Symmetry in Distributed Computing

11 years 5 months ago
Recovering Internet Symmetry in Distributed Computing
This paper describes two systems to recover the Internet connectivity impaired by private networks and firewalls. These devices cause asymmetry in the Internet, making peer-to-peer computing difficult or even impossible. The Condor system is one of those that are severely impaired by the asymmetry. Compared to normal peer-to-peer computing applications, Condor has stricter requirements, which are representative to any grid computing. To make Condor seamlessly work across private networks and over firewalls, we designed and implemented Dynamic Port Forwarding (DPF) and Generic Connection Brokering (GCB). Both DPF and GCB satisfy the representative requirements. Furthermore DPF supports dedicated large clusters very well because it is simple, efficient, and highly scalable. On the other hand, GCB perfectly supports non-dedicated or personal clusters because it is independent to private network or firewall technologies and does not require any administrative power to deploy it. In this p...
Se-Chang Son, Miron Livny
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Se-Chang Son, Miron Livny
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