Recursive Individually Distributed Object

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Recursive Individually Distributed Object
Abstract. Distributed Objects DO as de ned by OMG's CORBA architecture provide a model for object-oriented parallel distributed computing. The parallelism in this model however is limited in that the distribution refers to the mappings of di erent objects to di erent hosts, and not to the distribution of any individual object. We propose in this paper an alternative model called Individually Distributed Object IDO which allows a single large object to be distributed over a network, thus providing a high level interface for the exploitation of parallelism inside the computation of each object which was left out of the distributed objects model. Moreover, we propose a set of functionally orthogonal operations for the objects which allow the objects to be recursively divided, combined, and communicate over recursively divided address space. Programming by divide-and-conquer is therefore e ectively supported under this framework. The Recursive Individually Distributed Object RIDO has ...
Z. George Mou
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Type Conference
Year 1999
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Authors Z. George Mou
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