Reducing File System Latency using a Predictive Approach

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Reducing File System Latency using a Predictive Approach
Despite impressive advances in file system throughput resulting from technologies such as high-bandwidth networks and disk arrays, file system latency has not improved and in many cases has become worse. Consequently, file system I/O remains one of the major bottlenecks to operating system performance [10]. This paper investigates an automated predictive approach towards reducing file latency. Automatic Prefetching uses past file accesses to predict future file system requests. The objective is to provide data in advance of the request for the data, effectively masking access latencies. We have designed and implement a system to measure the performance benefits of automatic prefetching. Our current results, obtained from a trace-driven simulation, show that prefetching results in as much as a 280% improvement over LRU especially for smaller caches. Alternatively, prefetching can reduce cache size by up to 50%. 1 Motivation Rapid improvements in processor and memory speeds have created...
Jim Griffioen, Randy Appleton
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Authors Jim Griffioen, Randy Appleton
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