Redundancy based feature selection for microarray data

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Redundancy based feature selection for microarray data
In gene expression microarray data analysis, selecting a small number of discriminative genes from thousands of genes is an important problem for accurate classification of diseases or phenotypes. The problem becomes particularly challenging due to the large number of features (genes) and small sample size. Traditional gene selection methods often select the top-ranked genes according to their individual discriminative power without handling the high degree of redundancy among the genes. Latest research shows that removing redundant genes among selected ones can achieve a better representation of the characteristics of the targeted phenotypes and lead to improved classification accuracy. Hence, we study in this paper the relationship between feature relevance and redundancy and propose an efficient method that can effectively remove redundant genes. The efficiency and effectiveness of our method in comparison with representative methods has been demonstrated through an empirical study...
Lei Yu, Huan Liu
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where KDD
Authors Lei Yu, Huan Liu
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