Region analysis and transformation for Java programs

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Region analysis and transformation for Java programs
This paper presents a region analysis and transformation framework for Java programs. Given an input Java program, the compiler automatically translates it into an equivalent output program with region-based memory management. The generated program contains statements for creating regions, allocating objects in regions, removing regions, and passing regions as parameters. As a particular case, the analysis can enable the allocation of objects on the stack. Our algorithm uses a flow-insensitive and context-sensitive points-to analysis to partition the memory of the program into regions and to identify points-to relations between regions. It then performs a flow-sensitive, inter-procedural region liveness analysis to identify object lifetimes. Finally, it uses the computed region information to produce the region annotations in the output program. Our results indicate that, for several of our benchmarks, the transformation can allocate most of the data on stack or in short-lived regio...
Sigmund Cherem, Radu Rugina
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where IWMM
Authors Sigmund Cherem, Radu Rugina
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