Regression Test Selection for Java Software

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Regression Test Selection for Java Software
Regression testing is applied to modified software to provide confidence that the changed parts behave as intended and that the unchanged parts have not been adversely affected by the modifications. To reduce the cost of regression testing, test cases are selected from the test suite that was used to test the original version of the software—this process is called regression test selection. A safe regressiontest-selection algorithm selects every test case in the test suite that may reveal a fault in the modified software. Safe regression-test-selection techniques can help to reduce the time required to perform regression testing because they select only a portion of the test suite for use in the testing but guarantee that the faults revealed by this subset will be the same as those revealed by running the entire test suite. This paper presents the first safe regression-test-selection technique that, based on the use of a suitable representation, handles the features of the Java...
Mary Jean Harrold, James A. Jones, Tongyu Li, Dong
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Mary Jean Harrold, James A. Jones, Tongyu Li, Donglin Liang, Alessandro Orso, Maikel Pennings, Saurabh Sinha, S. Alexander Spoon, Ashish Gujarathi
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