Regular Sparse Crossbar Concentrators

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Regular Sparse Crossbar Concentrators
A bipartite concentrator is a single stage sparse crossbar switching device that can connect any m of its n ≥ m inputs to its m outputs possibly without the ability to distinguish their order. Fat-and-slim crossbars were introduced recently to show that bipartite concentrators can be constructed with a minimum number of crosspoints for any number of inputs and outputs. We generalize these graphs to obtain bipartite concentrators with nearly a fixed fanout without altering their (n − m + 1)m crosspoint complexity. We also present an O(log n) time algorithm to route arbitrary concentration assignments on this new family of fat-and-slim crossbars. Key words: bipartite graph, concentrator, crosspoint complexity, regular sparse crossbar. ∗ This work is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant No.NCR-9405539 1
Weiming Guo, A. Yavuz Oruç
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Type Journal
Year 1998
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Authors Weiming Guo, A. Yavuz Oruç
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