Rejection rates for multiple-part manuscripts

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Rejection rates for multiple-part manuscripts
Multiple-part manuscripts are those submitted to a journal and intended for publication as a series, usually having ‘‘Part 1,’’ ‘‘Part I,’’ … ‘‘Part N’’ in the title. Although some journals prohibit such submissions, other journals (including Monthly Weather Review) have no such restrictions. To examine how reviewers and editors view multiplepart manuscripts, 308 multiple-part manuscripts submitted to Monthly Weather Review from May 2001 through February 2010 were examined. For multiple-part manuscripts having reached a final decision, 67% were accepted, which was also the average acceptance rate of all manuscripts (67%). Part I manuscripts submitted alone had a lower acceptance rate (61%) than the average, whereas Part II manuscripts submitted alone had a higher acceptance rate (77%) than the average. Two-part manuscripts submitted together had an acceptance rate (67%) comparable to the average. Typical reviewer comments for Part I manuscripts submitted alon...
David M. Schultz
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