Relating State-Based and Process-Based Concurrency through Linear Logic

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Relating State-Based and Process-Based Concurrency through Linear Logic
This paper has the purpose of reviewing some of the established relationships between logic and concurrency, and of exploring new ones. Concurrent and distributed systems are notoriously hard to get right. Therefore, following an approach that has proved highly beneficial for sequential programs, much effort has been invested in tracing the foundations of concurrency in logic. The starting points of such investigations have been various idealized languages of concurrent and distributed programming, in particular the well-established state-transformation model inspired to Petri nets and multiset rewriting, and the prolific process-based models such as the -calculus and other process algebras. In nearly all cases, the target of these investigations has been linear logic, a formal language that supports a view of formulas as consumable resources. In the first part of this paper, we review some of these interpretations of concurrent languages into linear logic. In the second part of the p...
Iliano Cervesato, Andre Scedrov
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Iliano Cervesato, Andre Scedrov
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