Relational data mapping in MIQIS

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Relational data mapping in MIQIS
We demonstrate a prototype of the relational data mapping module of MIQIS, a formal framework for investigating information flow in peer-to-peer database management systems. Data maps constitute effective mappings between structured data sources. These mappings are the `glue' for facilitating large scale ad-hoc information sharing between autonomous peers, and automating their discovery is one of the fundamental unsolved challenges for information interoperability and sharing. Our approach to automating data map discovery utilizes heuristic search within a space delineated by basic relational transformation operators. A novelty of our approach is that these operators include data to metadata transformations (and vice versa). This approach leverages new perspectives on the data mapping problem, and generalizes previous approaches such as token-based schema matching.
George H. L. Fletcher, Catharine M. Wyss
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors George H. L. Fletcher, Catharine M. Wyss
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