Relational IBL in classical music

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Relational IBL in classical music
It is well known that many hard tasks considered in machine learning and data mining can be solved in a rather simple and robust way with an instanceand distance-based approach. In this work we present another difficult task: learning, from large numbers of complex performances by concert pianists, to play music expressively. We model the problem as a multi-level decomposition and prediction task. We show that this is a fundamentally relational learning problem and propose a new similarity measure for structured objects, which is built into a relational instance-based learning algorithm named DISTALL. Experiments with data derived from a substantial number of Mozart piano sonata recordings by a skilled concert pianist demonstrate that the approach is viable. We show that the instance-based learner operating on structured, relational data outperforms a propositional k-NN algorithm. In qualitative terms, some of the piano performances produced by DISTALL after learning from the human art...
Asmir Tobudic, Gerhard Widmer
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where ML
Authors Asmir Tobudic, Gerhard Widmer
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