A Relationship between e-Learning Performance and Personality

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A Relationship between e-Learning Performance and Personality
This paper investigated whether learner’s personality features might have effects on uses of Web-based Hypermedia Systems, which has been used in the electronic learning (e-Learning) environment. Among the diverse features of individual personality, we first explored whether either introverted or extraverted learners would have different preference to a Web-based Hypermedia System; subsequently, it was examined by the level of adaptivity of the hypermedia systems. The two controlled experiments showed that extroverted learners would benefit even more from Adaptive Hypermedia Systems (AHSs), while all the learners with AHSs outperformed those who used non-adaptive Hypermedia Systems (HSs). Also, Experiment 3 demonstrated that the other personality features would affect the learning performance of the adaptive hypermedia system. The results of this paper imply that the personality features of individual learners would affect their satisfaction of hypermedia systems, and in turn, it in...
Amal Al-Dujaily, Hokyoung Ryu
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Updated 11 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Amal Al-Dujaily, Hokyoung Ryu
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