Relevance-Based Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Images

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Relevance-Based Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Images
Abstract--Hyperspectral imagery affords researchers all discriminating details needed for fine delineation of many material classes. This delineation is essential for scientific research ranging from geologic to environmental impact studies. In a data mining scenario, one cannot blindly discard information because it can destroy discovery potential. In a supervised classification scenario, however, the preselection of classes presents one with an opportunity to extract a reduced set of meaningful features without degrading classification performance. Given the complex correlations found in hyperspectral data and the potentially large number of classes, meaningful feature extraction is a difficult task. We turn to the recent neural paradigm of generalized relevance learning vector quantization (GRLVQ) [B. Hammer and T. Villmann, Neural Networks, vol. 15, pp. 1059
Michael J. Mendenhall, Erzsébet Meré
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where TNN
Authors Michael J. Mendenhall, Erzsébet Merényi
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