Remarks on Concept Processing for Cognitive Robotics

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Remarks on Concept Processing for Cognitive Robotics
We present preliminary considerations on the architecture of a CONCEPT processing system for robots. With the help of CONCEPTS cognitive robots will be able to structure their sensory input, access their inner motivational states, and gain flexibility for reacting on changing circumstances. Concept is a theoretical construct in Cognitive Science for which considerable experimental evidence from psychological experiments exists. We propose that CONCEPTS should be considered to be pre-linguistic, language agreement processes making use of them in forming the CONCEPTS we "see through" natural language. As pre-linguistic concepts, CONCEPTS may also be generally assumed for living beings. A tentative comparison with Natural Language Semantics, concept theory in Cognitive Science, and Jackendoff's Conceptual Grammar is tried.
Bernd S. Müller
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Type Journal
Year 2000
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Authors Bernd S. Müller
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