Removal of Translation Bias when using Subspace Methods

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Removal of Translation Bias when using Subspace Methods
Given estimates of the motion eld optic ow from an image sequence, it is possible to recover translational direction, ~T, using a variety of techniques. One such technique, known as subspace methods," generates constraints which are perpendicular to ~T, so that two distinct constraints allow a solution for ~T. In practice many constraints are used in a least-squares solution, but it has been observed that the recovered estimates for ~T are biased towards the optical axis. While the cause of the bias is well known, previous attempts to remove it have been awed. This paper outlines a new method which removes the bias. The technique is simple to apply and computationally e cient.
W. James MacLean
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Type Conference
Year 1999
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Authors W. James MacLean
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