Replayable Voting Machine Audit Logs

11 years 12 months ago
Replayable Voting Machine Audit Logs
Audit logs are an important tool for post-election investigations, in the event of an election dispute or problem. We propose a new approach to logging that is designed to provide a record of all interactions between each voter and the voting machine. Our audit logs provide a comprehensive, trustworthy, replayable record of essentially everything the voter saw and did in the voting booth, providing investigators a tool for reconstructing voter intent and diagnosing election problems. We show how our design preserves voter anonymity and protects against vote-buying and coercion. We implement a prototype logging subsystem, built on the Pvote voting platform, and demonstrate that the approach is feasible.
Arel Cordero, David Wagner
Added 02 Oct 2010
Updated 02 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where USS
Authors Arel Cordero, David Wagner
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