Representation of formal dispute with a standing order

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Representation of formal dispute with a standing order
Computational dialectics is a relatively new field. It is, among others, concerned with the formal representation of argument and dispute. The goal is to suggest algorithms, procedures and protocols to investigate the tenability of logical claims, on the basis of incomplete and uncertain information. (Usually in the form of rules and cases.) Currently, the field slowly converges to the opinion that dispute is the most fair and effective way to investigate claims. The definition of a formal dispute varies throughout the literature, but is considered not to vary within one and the same logical system. In this paper it is shown that parts of the definition of a dispute may change within one logical system. To this end, the notion of partial protocol specification (PPS) is introduced. A PPS is a part of the definition of the protocol. A modification to the protocol, in the form of a PPS, can be put forward, disputed, established and incorporated as an effective `point of order'. The ...
Gerard Vreeswijk
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