Representing preferences using intervals

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Representing preferences using intervals
In this paper we present a general framework for the comparison of intervals when preference relations have to established. The use of intervals in order to take into account imprecision and/or uncertainty in handling preferences is well known in the literature, but a general theory on how such models behave is lacking. In the paper we generalise the concept of interval (allowing the presence of more than two points). We then introduce the structure of the framework based on the concept of relative position and component set. We provide an exhaustive study of 2-point and 3-point intervals comparison and show the way to generalise such results to n-points intervals. Key words: preference modelling, interval representation, intransitivity, thresholds
Meltem Öztürk, Marc Pirlot, Alexis Tsouk
Added 12 May 2011
Updated 12 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where AI
Authors Meltem Öztürk, Marc Pirlot, Alexis Tsoukiàs
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