Resampling Strategies for Deforming MLS Surfaces

8 years 6 months ago
Resampling Strategies for Deforming MLS Surfaces
Moving-Least-Squares (MLS) Surfaces undergoing large deformations need periodic regeneration of the point set (point-set resampling) so as to keep the point-set density quasi-uniform. Previous work by the authors dealt with algebraic MLS surfaces, and proposed a resampling strategy based on defining the new points at the intersections of the MLS surface with a suitable set of rays. That strategy has very low memory requirements and is easy to parallelize. In this article new resampling strategies with reduced CPU-time cost are explored. The basic idea is to choose as set of rays the lines of a regular, Cartesian grid, and to fully exploit this grid: as data structure for search queries, as spatial structure for traversing the surface in a marching-cubes-like algorithm, and also as approximation grid for an interpolated version of the MLS surface. It is shown that in this way a very simple and compact resampling technique is obtained, which cuts the resampling cost by half with afforda...
Joao Paulo Gois, Gustavo C. Buscaglia
Added 09 Dec 2010
Updated 09 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors Joao Paulo Gois, Gustavo C. Buscaglia
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