Research and development of web-based virtual online classroom

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Research and development of web-based virtual online classroom
To build a web-based virtual learning environment depends on information technologies, concerns technology supporting learning methods and theories. A web-based virtual online classroom is designed and developed based on learning theories and streaming media technologies. And it is composed of two parts: instructional communicating environment (ICE) and collaborative learning environment (CLE). ICE provides learners with learning materials, lecture videos, and interactive environment etc. CLE supports active learning by providing the environment with learning tools, learning materials and contextual discussion for learners. The environments are designed with event-based synchronous strategies and e-learning technologies standards. Different users have different ideas about the use of learning tools in the virtual classroom. According to the questionnaire, teachers are accustomed to communicating and teaching face to face. They hope they could be able to control the teaching and lear...
Zongkai Yang, Qingtang Liu
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Year 2007
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Authors Zongkai Yang, Qingtang Liu
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