A research-led curriculum in multimedia: learning about convergence

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A research-led curriculum in multimedia: learning about convergence
Traditional teaching methods have acknowledged limitations. Lectures may be used to transmit information efficiently, but often fail to motivate students to engage with the subject. Coursework assessments and examinations may lack authenticity and thus fail to help students develop ‘real world’ skills even though they ensure technical competence. This paper presents a teaching innovation motivated from a social constructivist perspective whereby undergraduates researched, reviewed, and presented their papers at a one day conference, by way of preparing for a written examination. The paper presents theory supporting this change, our experiences from running the course, and improvements in learning we observed. We identify the value of undergraduate conferences beyond serving as a vehicle for communication skills. We identify an approach which engages learners and realizes higher level learning objectives by using authentic activities. The process has identified a ‘research-led’...
Hugh C. Davis, Su White
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Hugh C. Davis, Su White
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