A Resolution Independent Video Language

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A Resolution Independent Video Language
As common as video processing is, programmers still implement video programs as manipulations of arrays of pixels. This paper presents a language extension called Rivl (pronounced “rival”) where video is a first class data type. Programs in Rivl use high level operators that are independent of video resolution and format, increasing a program’s portability, simplifying code reuse, and reducing development time. This paper also describes a Rivl interpreter and the strategies the interpreter uses to optimize Rivl programs. These optimizations include classical programming language optimizations, such as common subexpression elimination and out of order execution, image and video specific optimizations, such as computing only those images that will affect the output, and an optimized memory manager.
Jonathan Swartz, Brian C. Smith
Added 26 Aug 2010
Updated 26 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1995
Where MM
Authors Jonathan Swartz, Brian C. Smith
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