The Resurrecting Duckling - What Next?

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The Resurrecting Duckling - What Next?
In the context of the security of wireless ad hoc networks, we previously explored the problem of secure transient association between a master and a slave device in the absence of an online authentication server. We introduced the Resurrecting Duckling security policy model to address this problem. Master-slave relationships, however, do not exhaust the range of interesting interactions. We therefore extend the Duckling model to also cover relationships between peers. 1 The Duckling: why, what, and what's missing The range of devices that contain a microprocessor is continually expanding in every field -- from consumer goods to office equipment, "white goods", vehicles and medical and scientific instrumentation. Looking ahead, the next development after endowing every device with a processor is going to be to allow all these computing nodes to communicate with each other, enabling them to co-operate and take advantage of each other's services. For convenience, in m...
Frank Stajano
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Year 2000
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