Return on investment and organizational adoption

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Return on investment and organizational adoption
This paper considers the complexity of measuring the return on investment for technology adoption. A brief case study of technology adoption in a large design and construction firm provides a clear view of factors that came into play. The technology considered is simple; the apparent costs and benefits are relatively clear. Four parties are involved: diverse employees interested in using dual monitors, the information technology support group in the organization, an executive who had worked his way up from drafting, and employees of a software company that is considering expanding its support for dual monitor use. In the construction company, a seemingly logical and inexpensive hardware upgrade was subject to a wide range of technical and social pressures, some obstructing and others promoting adoption. Decisions are made in a manner that did not fit the model held by the product planners and designers in the software company. Categories and Subject Descriptors K.6 [Management of Comp...
Jonathan Grudin
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