Reuse Based Refactoring Tools

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Reuse Based Refactoring Tools
Current refactoring tools work on a particular language. Each time it is intended to provide refactoring support for new languages, the same refactoring operations are defined and implemented again from scratch. This approach ignores reuse opportunities in this matter. It is possible to define a way of collecting code information suited for several languages (a family of languages) and define refactoring operations over that representation. On the other hand, it is also possible to define and implement each refactoring operation by composing previously defined and developed elements. In this paper we show the current implementation of a reuse oriented refactoring engine and its specialization for a particular language. Key Words: refactoring, reuse, composition, language-independence
Raúl Marticorena Sánchez, Carlos L&o
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Raúl Marticorena Sánchez, Carlos López Nozal, Yania Crespo, Francisco Javier Pérez
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