Reusing relational sources for semantic information access

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Reusing relational sources for semantic information access
The rapid growth of available data arises the need for more sophisticated techniques for semantic access to information. It has been proved that using conceptual model or ontology over relational data sources is necessary to overcome many problems related with accessing the structured data. However, the task of wrapping the data residing in a database by means of an ontology is mainly done manually. The research we are carrying out studies the reuse of relational sources in the context of semantics-based access to information. This problem is tackled in two phases: (i) extracting semantics hidden in the relational sources by wrapping them by means of an ontology, (ii) understanding the methodology for semantic extension of such ontologies. In this paper we focus on the first sub-problem and present an automatic procedure for extracting from a relational database schema its conceptual view. The semantic mapping between the database and its conceptualization is captured by associating ...
Lina Lubyte
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Year 2007
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Authors Lina Lubyte
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