Reversing Motion Vector Fields

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Reversing Motion Vector Fields
With the popular use of digital video (VCD, DVD, video conferencing, digital broadcasting system, digital TV and video editing), video streaming technology becomes much more important in the field of media delivery. The best way for browsing digital multimedia video is the use of full functionalities Digital VCR (Video Cassette Recording). Nowadays, most video sequences for streaming applications are encoded in MPEG formats. The VCR functionalities cannot perform well in the MPEG compressed bitstream. For example, reverse playback is the most common video cassette recording (VCR) function in digital video players and it involves playing video frames in reverse order. However, the predictive processing techniques employed in MPEG severely complicate the reverse-play operation. For displaying single frame during reverse playback, all frames from the previous I-frame to the requested frame must be sent by the server and decoded by the client machine. It requires much higher bandwidth of ...
Susie J. Wee
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Year 1998
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